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CWL Contracting Ltd. is committed to a strong and workable safety program that protects every worker on site.  CWL's supervisors expect that there is a mutual understanding and responsibility to follow to the conditions of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the Provincial Regulations for Construction Projects, at all times.


All workers during the course of their employment on our job sites must accept safety as a personal responsibility and must agree to abide by the regulations in the Site Safety Handbook provided for each work site.  


Our Site Safety Handbook is based on current WCB regulations, and best practices that have been developed and regularly updated to help prevent accidents, injuries or financial loss.


We believe all accidents are preventable and all of the CWL Contracting Ltd.'s supervisors are concerned about our accident record and are expected to practice proactive accident control. Any unsafe acts or conditions on the job must be brought to their attention immediately.


With the co-operation of our team, our goal of an accident free job site is both realistic and achieveable and will ensure your position with us will remain both safe and rewarding.

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